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Tips for vascular health

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College football is in full swing down here in South Alabama. While game days are fun, patients with vascular disease should still be careful.

Let’s Talk Game Day Food

Tailgating is an important part of college game days. As you walk through campus, the smell of hamburgers, hot dogs and so many other delights fill the air. However, if you’re struggling with vascular disease, it’s crucial that you maintain a healthy diet. Splurging every once in a while is okay, but don’t go crazy with greasy red meats and carbohydrates. Try to substitute for healthier options like leaner meats, veggies as sides, whole wheat alternatives and fruits as desserts. 

Food is just one component of keeping a healthier diet. Limiting alcohol consumption is another. Too much imbibing may lead to worsening symptoms of Peripheral Artery Disease (PAD). 

Staying Active in the Stands

There’s nothing quite like watching a college football game from the stands. The excitement of cheering on your team with your fellow fans can be exhilarating, but too much excitement may increase your blood pressure. Make sure you stay vigilant and watch out for signs of high blood pressure. 

Also, the crowded stands with little leg room can be bad for patients with vascular disease. To keep blood flowing throughout the extremities, you must get up and move. Stretch your legs at half time or take a walk to the concession stand. The point is you need to stand up and move around from time to time. 

Beat the Heat 

In the South, the summer heat tends to extend into September and October. This means football games can be miserably hot. Symptoms of vascular disease may be exacerbated due to the heat. Recently, we wrote an entire article dedicated to this very topic of managing your symptoms during scorching temperatures. 

Here’s just a few things to do: 

  • Use a handheld fan
  • Wear a hat
  • Stay hydrated
  • Enjoy frozen treats
  • Find some shade

If you’re worried about vascular disease, it’s extremely important to get evaluated by one of our board-certified physicians. We welcome the opportunity to treat new patients. 

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