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treatment and prevention of leg and foot ulcers

At Vascular Associates of South Alabama, we offer a comprehensive array of treatment options for leg and foot ulcers. We are a top provider in limb salvage services and our expert physicians are highly experienced in treating and preventing leg and foot ulcers. Our physicians specialize in limb salvage procedures and are dedicated to giving our patients the best ulcer care in the area. We combine multiple approaches for optimal healing for men and women throughout Mobile and Baldwin Counties and the surrounding areas of South Alabama.


What is an ulcer?

An ulcer is a sore that resists healing, often taking several weeks to heal or requiring medical intervention to heal completely. Ulcers associated with vascular diseases and circulatory disorders are particularly resistant to healing. Many ulcers reach into the deeper layers of tissue and frequently cause nerve damage. Because the skin remains open for so long, ulcers are associated with a significantly increased risk of infection which can become very severe, as well as chronic inflamation. feelings of illness, chronic fatigue and generalized weakness. In fact, lower leg and foot ulcers are a major cause of lower limb amputations in the U.S., most notably among people with diabetes. 

How are leg and foot ulcers treated at Vascular Associates of South Alabama?

Leg and foot ulcers can be very serious, and unlike a “common” sore that heals on its own, they require a doctor’s care to ensure they heal properly and avoid infection. The most common treatments include oral or topical antibiotics combined with treatment of the underlying cause. Your physician at Vascular Associates of South Alabama may recommend procedures to close off damaged veins that could be interfering with healing, restore blood flow to the affected limb along with the removal of damaged and dead tissue surrounding the ulcer. Most patients require a combination of treatment methods for optimal healing.

We welcome the opportunity to treat new patients in South Alabama and surrounding areas. For your convenience, our practice accepts most major medical insurance plans. 

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