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vascular ultrasounds

Vascular ultrasounds provide important information about both the structure and function of veins and arteries, helping to diagnose vascular diseases that can lead to serious medical problems. The vascular specialists at Vascular Associates of South Alabama offer advanced vascular ultrasounds for men and women at our location in Mobile, Alabama. Vascular ultrasounds are performed by our highly trained ultrasound technicians in the office’s state-of-the-art endovascular lab located on-site.


What is a vascular ultrasound?

In a vascular ultrasound, the ultrasound device is used to evaluate blood vessels to look for signs of narrowing, blockage, or other problems that can affect normal circulation. Ultrasound evaluations use special sound waves transmitted painlessly through the skin to obtain detailed images of organs, blood vessels, and other structures inside the body, as well as real-time video images of processes like circulation. 

Most people associate ultrasounds with their use in monitoring fetal growth and development, but they have many other uses in other branches of medicine, including vascular medicine and cardiology. Vascular ultrasounds are used in many vessel-related issues, including peripheral artery disease (PAD), carotid artery disease, and renal artery disease. In addition to aiding in diagnosing diseases, vascular ultrasounds can also be used to manage treatment. At Vascular Associates of South Alabama, we perform vascular ultrasounds in our on-site endovascular lab in Mobile, AL, using the most advanced ultrasound technology for accurate and reliable results. 


What happens during a vascular ultrasound evaluation?

At Vascular Associates of South Alabama, we want your experience to be comfortable and stress-free. Our vascular ultrasounds are done using state-of-the-art technology in our on-site endovascular lab in Mobile, AL. Here’s what you can expect from your vascular ultrasound evaluation at Vascular Associates of South Alabama.

First, a special gel will be applied to the skin over the evaluation site. The gel makes it easier for the handheld transducer to see through skin and tissues as well as allowing the transducer to glide over the skin.

Next, the transducer will be passed over the skin using gentle pressure to ensure the images obtained are clear and detailed. The transducer transmits sound waves through the skin, then captures them as they “bounce” off organs and other structures. 

Finally, the wave data is instantly transmitted to a computer that interprets the data and creates images that appear on the ultrasound monitor. Images can be evaluated right away, and they can also be stored for evaluation later.  

Once the evaluation is complete, the gel will be wiped away and patients can resume their normal activities. 

Please note: vascular ultrasounds are performed in a darkened room to make it easier for the physician or ultrasound specialist performing the exam to see the images on the ultrasound monitor. Depending on the type of exam being performed, patients may be asked to put on a medical dressing gown to make it easier to access the area being evaluated. When leg vessels are being evaluated, patients may be asked to walk on a treadmill or perform other movements so circulation can be observed during physical activity.

We welcome the opportunity to treat new patients in South Alabama and surrounding areas. For your convenience, our practice accepts most major medical insurance plans. 

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