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Tips for vascular health

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A vascular surgeon is a highly-trained specialist who treats vascular diseases and provides comprehensive vascular care. Vascular disease is defined as “any condition that affects your circulatory system, or system of blood vessels” by Cleveland Clinic. Types of vascular disease include atherosclerosis, peripheral artery disease, carotid artery disease and pulmonary embolism.

Do they always operate?

While vascular surgeons do perform surgery, they also treat patients using only lifestyle changes and preventative health plans. Some conditions, like Peripheral Artery Disease, can be managed with exercise and a healthy diet. 

Why would I need a vascular surgeon?

Normally, a patient’s primary care doctor will refer them to a vascular surgeon if they’ve been recently diagnosed with vascular disease, present with pain in their legs or are at high risk. Patients with diabetes or who smoke may need to start a relationship and work on slowing the progression of vascular diseases. Some people may skip the general practitioner entirely after an unexpected trip to the hospital that’s related to vascular disease. 

What should I look for in a vascular specialist?

A patient needs a board-certified vascular surgeon who is highly trained in a multitude of innovative vascular treatments and procedures. They should be training on the latest technology and looking for modern care techniques. It’s also beneficial if they have an in-house, endovascular outpatient lab with their own staff.

Why choose Vascular Associates of South Alabama?

Our practice has the technology, team and knowledge to handle all vascular conditions using expert limb salvage services, minimally invasive procedures and preventative health plans. We have Alabama’s first, outpatient endovascular lab at our Mobile office. This allows us to treat even the most complex venous and arterial diseases quickly and comfortably.

Before making any changes, please consult with a physician. Vascular Associates of South Alabama is the leading provider of vascular care in South Alabama. We welcome the opportunity to treat you. 


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