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TCAR Procedures Near Daphne, AL

Are you in need of a TCAR procedure in the Daphne, AL, area?  If you live anywhere along the Alabama Gulf Coast, Vascular Associates of South Alabama can provide you with state-of-the-art medical care.  We perform transcarotid artery revascularization (TCAR) procedures, among many other vascular-related procedures and other services.  You can visit us at several convenient locations along the Alabama Gulf Coast, including one in Mobile and another in Fairhope.

What is a TCAR Procedure?

Transcarotid artery revascularization is commonly shortened to "TCAR".  The TCAR procdure is an innovative and minimally invasive surgical treatment for carotid artery disease.  TCAR procedures prevent strokes that could result from plaque in the carotid artery.

TCAR procedures can be conducted through just a small incision at the neckline.  Groundbreaking technology allows the surgeon to temporarily reverse the direction of blood-flow while performing the procedure.  This reversal of flow protects the patient from potential strokes.  During the surgery, small pieces of plaque can break, and thanks to the reversed blood-flow, these pieces of plaque are diverted away from the brain.  Without this precaution, those small bits of plaque could cause a stroke, if they ended up in the brain.  Instead, any loosened plaque will be filtered and removed from the blood before the flow is allowed to return to its normal direction.  

Meanwhile, the surgeon positions a stent in the artery.  This stabilizes existing plaque in the carotid artery.  Once the stent is in place, that plaque will no longer be able to break loose and lead to a stroke.  

What are the Benefits of TCAR?

TCAR is a lifesaving procedure.  Compared to traditional surgical options, TCAR offers a dramatic reduction of the risk of heart attack or stroke both during and after a carotid intervention.  The smaller incision required for TCAR procedures is another benefit.  Smaller incisions are less likely to result in nerve damage, and they also tend to heal more quickly than larger incisions.  

Patients who receive a TCAR procedure can usually expect a very speedy recovery.  It's typical for the patient to spend only one night in the hospital, for observation.  After surgery, patients are prescribed medication to prevent blood clots.  It is necessary to continue to monitor the patient's condition after the procedure.  The doctor and the rest of the patient's care team will arrange this, as needed.  

TCAR Procedures for Baldwin County, AL

If you live in Daphne, Alabama, or elsewhere along the Eastern Shore of Baldwin County, AL, Vascular Associates of South Alabama would like to offer our services.  Whether you need a TCAR procedure or have other concerns about your vascular health, we can help.  Vascular Associates provides comprehensive vascular healthcare for people living in Coastal Alabama.  We are always happy to welcome new patients!  

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